Need an accurate small scale...


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Mar 28, 2018
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I already own a great digital kitchen scale that's accurate 2 grams and up... need one that's accurate 2 grams and below must be sturdy with good track record... don't want to spend more than $25

If you guys or gals have a recommendation would you please post a link

I grabbed one at the local hipster coffee shop. They measure their grind to the gram if they take themselves seriously.
I've got an anvil brand one. Forget how much it was but it wasn't too bad
Thanks guys for all your input...
Go to your local head shop, they will 10 different models for you to choose from for $10 to $20...
Not that that is where I got mine:cool:
It's fully legal here in Colorado, Craig. No worries....
I think that it is important to take into account some other parameters
I have the same scale that Highvoltageman uses. Works fine for salts and hops.
Just beware: precision is not the same as accuracy.

My scale reads to 0.01 gram. This is fairly precise.

But when it says 1.00 grams, I have no idea if it is 0.97 or 1.05 grams... meaning I cannot determine its accuracy. (Well I suppose I can, I just have not)...
Do you really need to be that precise @Donoroto ?
I would say thats close enough for anything brewing related ;)

I use a little jeweller's scale for small amounts.