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Feb 19, 2013
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I started brewing a month or so and I'm on my third batch. All three batches I've taste great but my OG has been really low. 1.012 for an IPA. I've followed the directions to a t and scrape as much extract as I can. What is happening and how do I get my OG up to the 1.05's where it should be?
An OG 1.012 - wow that is really low. 1-2% ABV beer.

When are you measuring the OG? OG is original gravity, should be taken on brew day, after the wort is cooled down, before pitching yeast.

How many pounds are you using, and what the batch size is?

Between that and the recipe calculator you shouldn't be having problems hitting the OG with extract batches, unless the ingredients are bad?

Could be your hydrometer is off? A sugar solution can be made to check your hydrometer calibration, instructions here:
http://www.brewersfriend.com/2010/12/19 ... esomeness/

Hope this helps!
I check it right before pitching at 70 degrees. I used a buddies hydrometer and refractometer and same results. 7lbs LME for five gallons
7 pounds of LME in 5 gallon batch gives me an OG of 1.049 in the recipe editor. So it must be the hydrometer, or bad ingredients, or something is way off with units of measure.
7 lbs LME should produce a 1.052 OG beer (I'm assuming syrup at a yield of 37 pp/g). Something is way off here - 1.012 sounds more like a FG than an OG. Have to agree with Larry: Check your measurement process and hydrometer. And one thing that has happened to me in the past: If you're doing partial boils, be sure your wort is well-mixed before taking the reading, otherwise you might be taking "thin" stuff off the top - it does sometimes stratify - or alternatively, thick stuff off the bottom if you use a thief.
Stratification, I like it, simple explanation. Make sure to shake (aerate) the wort really well, it needs oxygen for a healthy fermentation. Then take the OG sample.

Otherwise, we have to start looking at string theory and alternate dimensions to explain it. :lol:

The 1.049 is with LME that has a ppg of 35 (which is the default in the recipe editor).
Missed your calculation - I must have been reading it about the time the stratification idea hit me and I don't multitask well.... Sorry! But both the hydrometer and the refractometer giving the same reading pretty much mean the sample was off, not the measurement.