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Dec 11, 2018
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Does anyone know Anton Paar's "Easy Dens" (density meter)? I would like to brew my first beer.

I want to buy an Easy Dens, because an app can be used.

What do you think about this idea? :)
you are definitely diving in head first to home brewing if this is your first beer and already getting high tech! Good luck and welcome to the obsession! There’s another option at less than half the price. I’ve not used one yet, but am considering one for myself as there’s a recent post in this forum from a member that is using one. Here’s a link to one I found at Northern Brewer. It’s called Tilt. :
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Unless you just have unlimited budget to throw at your first attempt, I can think of a dozen ways to more effectively spend money in the quest to make good beer. A decent hydrometer and even adding a passable refractometer will cost a fraction of the Easy Dens and leave enough to put toward decent temp control or stainless fermenter.
And in the case that you have the resources to set up a totally pro-level brewhouse for your first attempt, congratulations! :)
If you've got the time and inclination to tinker the ispindel is even cheaper than a tilt -

edit: oops, got distracted by shiny toys, but as JA says, there's a lot of confusion flying around for your first brew. We didn't even have a refractometer or hydrometer for our first few batches. And at least one of them was completely drinkable, but I suppose it depends on how you're wired..