Citrusy off flavor?

You said you bottle? Do you add yeast to the bottling bucket? (I bottle all my brews and have never added more yeast...but some folks do). If your adding yeast during bottling that could change the flavor. What did you use the carb them? Corn sugar, malt DME, honey?

Where do you condition the bottles? Ambient temp where you condition your bottles makes a difference. I put a batch of witbeir bottled carbed with wheat DME in my furnace room once and they ended up in about 74 F to condition and they had an odd citrus flavor to them. I always kind of wondered if the citrus came from the DME I used to carb the bottles and the bottles fermenting/bottle carbing on the warm wide of the Nottingham spectrum I used to make the beer.

I made an IPA a couple batches ago and conditioned the bottles in my in my 64 F basement. I had the same kind experience with "blah" beer after about 4 weeks. One evening, as I was opening my second bottle of the evening, I accidentally knocked it over on the counter before i opened it. Still clear BTW, but a lot of the great flavor came rushing back...turns out (IMO) the bottles cleared up too much! Go figure... Do a little experiment. Take a bottle and lightly roll it back and forth between your hands to "rouse" a little bit of sediment to go into the glass when you pour. See what happens to the citrus flavor.