Chipotle Pepper Ale

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    Brewed this a few weeks ago: ... le-nr-deux

    Opened a bottle last night - Here's the take. The nose is smoky pepper with some malt. Medium body, white, persistent head, moderate carbonation. Color is dark brown. Flavor: The first thing you taste is smoky chipotle peppers and cookie-like malt, followed with a bit of burn. Hops balance malt but are not apparent in the flavor. The burn persists but it's slight and you want another sip to put it out. Lots of complexity with many things going on. Eat a piece of chocolate with the beer and see what happens....

    There are some tricks if you want to try it. Seed the first batch of chipotles! You have no control over the burn in the boil but you do in secondary. You'll make the beer then you'll tweak it with the second addition of chipotles and poblanos. After putting these in the beer, taste it until it's to your liking, then rack.

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