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    12/12/17 - Added WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Yeast Blend to ingredient DB.
    12/4/17 - Added Total Hops weight to hops summary table in recipe view
    11/7/17 - Added setting to turn off brew timer display on brew sessions. "Hide Brew Timers" setting on General profile settings here:
    11/7/17 - Added Danstar Abbaye Ale Yeast to ingredient database
    11/7/17 - Fixed bug with multiple copies of inventory fermentables appearing on My Inventory
    10/27/17 - Added check for Final Gravity matching Style guidelines in recipe builder
    10/25/17 - Added WLP590 Yeast to ingredient database
    10/19/17 - Added Crescat Labs yeasts
    10/18/17 - Fix for bug where 'Mashed' checkbox on custom fermentables was re-checked when loading recipes in the editor.
    10/17/17 - Data fixes for Aurora Malt category and German Light Munich diastatic power
    10/17/17 - Added ability to edit default brew session steps:
    10/11/17 - Diastatic Power for Custom Fermentables in Inventory, which pull into Recipe Builder when using inventory ingredients.
    10/10/17 - Fixes for filtering Yeast by lab on Safari, iPhone, iPad
    10/9/17 - Fixed sorting for other ingredients changing all time units to minutes
    10/2/17 - Added support for diastatic power entry and calculations on custom fermentables
    10/2/17 - Updated calculations for fresh hops to scale down IBU contribution to 1/6th of normal
    9/28/17 - Added Safale BE-134 Belgian Saison Yeast
    9/26/17 - Fixed Diasatic Power calculations involving flaked grains, fruit, and adjuncts
    9/20/17 - Added London Fog Ale Yeast WLP066
    8/11/17 - Added Imperial Yeast W15 Suburban Brett and F08 Sour Batch Kidz to ingredient database
    8/8/17 - Added ability to set max infusion temperature on quick infusion calculator, which allows for reduced boil temperature at higher altitudes, etc.
    8/7/17 - Added all RVA Yeasts to ingredient database
    8/4/17 - Added Belgian Candi Syrup - Golden to fermentables in ingredient database
    8/3/17 - Fix to hide deleted brew sessions on public profile pages
    7/25/17 - Fixes for crashes when adding recipes to shopping list with different units from what's already present in shopping list.
    7/25/17 - Fixes to Whirlpool hop timing and temperature information not saving in recipe builder
    7/25/17 - Fixed Facebook Login issues to do with Facebook API updates
    7/25/17 - New Zealand malts added to Brewhouse Efficiency calculator, NZ hops added to main recipe ingredient database
    7/13/17 - Added several malts from Gladfield, New Zealand to recipe builder database
    7/11/17 - New hops added to database: Loral and Ekuanot. New Omega Yeast strain: Tropical IPA
    6/28/17 - Fixes for errors with bulk recipe deletion on My Recipes page
    6/5/17 - Allowing Pounds and Kilograms units for Hops entry on Recipe Builder
    5/30/17 - Added Danstar London ESB yeast to ingredient database
    5/30/17 - Added Diastatic Power calculations to the recipe builder, showing feedback on the overall diastatic power of a recipe
    5/24/17 - Fixed recipe search page so it doesn't show duplicate styles in the filter, and shows all matching recipes for a given style
    5/23/17 - New Affiliate Link Type for linking directly to Calculators page
    5/8/17 - New interactive charts for IBU, SRM, OG/FG, and ABV based on latest BJCP style guidelines:
    4/27/17 - Default Utilization for Whirlpool hop additions to 10%
    4/26/17 - New subscription billing options for Premium Membership
    4/25/17 - Ability to filter fermentables and yeast on recipe builder by what's in inventory
    4/20/17 - Improved First Wort Hopping calculations on recipe builder (
    4/10/17 - Added Bootleg Biology yeasts to the recipe builder and ingredient database
    4/3/17 - Fixed shopping list totaling so different units are combined into one total for the same ingredients
    3/26/17 - Entire site now running on HTTPS for greater security
    3/16/17 - Fixed fermentability of sugars on recipe builder so sugar ingredients don't impact FG fully
    3/15/17 - Added member search page to find members by username (
    3/15/17 - Fixed bug with style selection on recipe builder occasionally yielding incorrect style guidelines (conflicts with pre-2015 and 2015 styles)
    3/14/17 - User API Keys for integration with external services (coming soon)
    3/14/17 - Visual fixes for public recipe listings on user profiles
    2/16/17 - Fixes for Bulk BeerXML import to allow files up to 6MB, support better messaging on import results, etc.
    2/15/17 - New iPhone App version 1.9.8 which fixes crashes with certain recipe styles, fixes scrolling issue on general tab with name field.
    2/13/17 - Added support for IE/Edge touch devices in top menus
    2/3/17 - iPhone App updates with BJCP 2015 styles, new ingredient data, misc. UI fixes
    1/12/17 - Fixed links to Google Plus profiles from brewer profile pages
    12/14/16 - New Recipe Label Generator template for smaller image and larger recipe name.
    12/03/16 - Ability to share recipes with brewers you're following. Enabled/disable this in the edit recipe share dialog.
    10/11/16 - Increased time limits on BeerXML importer to fix bugs in importing certain recipes
    8/24/16 - Fixed decimal display on brew log gravity log entries so whole gravity is displayed
    8/8/16 - Fixed Lovibond rating for German Kolsch Malt in ingredient database
    7/25/16 - New hops added: Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon, Azacca, Jaryllo, Summer, Hallertau Blanc
    7/20/16 - New Mangrove Jack Yeasts added
    7/20/16 - Large list of new Fruit fermentables added to DB
    7/20/16 - Added Inland Island Yeasts to DB
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