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Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by Mark Farrall, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Heard about another collaboration brew on a podcast yesterday. It's from Other Side and it seems I've never had any from them (which isn't a bad sign, because why would you be shipping hazy and highly hoppy beers from the U.S. to Aus anyway). Normally I'm a cynical, grumpy old man so I didn't think a lot about it, but on the website they've created it had a nice map at the bottom showing participating breweries. I saw that there's two locals and a few interstate/NZ breweries I regularly drink doing it, so I thought it'd be interesting to compare mine to theirs.

    I was planning a hazy next anyway, so here's my version (in case you want to export/copy) Though you may want to start with the original via

    They have some choices in the recipe if you want to do it as a West Coast style.
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    That's pretty much identical to my Hoppy Blond grist I'm experimenting with atm
    3.5kg ale
    .5kg rolled oats
    1st recipie was gladiator dextrin 200g
    2nd 200g imperial malt (a biscuit style malt)

    I think this is a great grist to layer your hops onto.
    My first hop combo was galaxy Simcoe mosaic but quite subdued in the dry hop
    Second run was Vic Secrete Simcoe mosaic my fav combo so far the passionfruit was really noticeable I upped the whirlpool and dry hops more on this.

    Hornindal kviek run at 39c has been my go to yeast providing it's own tropical fruit quality.

    Gunna run the third out this weekend but whirlpool a good portion of passionfruit pulp in the whirlpool.

    Good luck Mark I recon it'll be tasty.

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