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  1. B

    Coopers Ale Yeast

    BF lists Coopers Ale yeast as high floculation. Coopers Ale yeast is actually a LOW floculation yeast staying in suspension through to the final product.
  2. N0mad

    Okay... I've got a question for the pros☺

    Over the last few months I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and I keep hearing this reference made to a "Band Aid" taste from some of the more seasoned brewers, which seems to be a reference for beer that was fermented at an improper temperature... to be honest I've never licked a band aid but...
  3. Distortiontm

    Multiple Yeast Entries

    With the growing popularity of many mixed fermentation beers, the "Custom/2nd Yeast" field in the Yeast section is not adequate to plan and track fermentation. Instead, it would be more powerful to enhance the Yeast section to function just like Malt/Hops/Mash/etc. The "Custom" field can be...
  4. robdog

    does anyone want to go in on White Labs Funky Cider Yeast?

    WLP616 Funky Cider Yeast Blend is 99 orders away from shipping - does anyone want to go in on this? - Here is the link to White Labs Yeast Vault to order
  5. ScottyC

    Yeast Profiles not loading

    In a existing or a new recipe when I select a different yeast, the profile information is not changing. I try it in Chrome and IE with the same results. I'm I missing something? Thanks, Scott