1. K

    Philly sour and fruit adjuncts

    Good evening, Long story short, i am trying to come up with a fake kriek (read: sour cherry sour) recipe, using the minuscule brewing knowledge i possess, and some help from more knowledgeable people would be greatly appreciated. My two main questions are: the general usage of philly sour...
  2. Stray Brewing

    Question on impacting big fruit flavor into beer

    Just finished up my first sour with goodbelly mango and conditioned on some fruit, fruitiness is there but im looking for the next batch to be a punch of fruit. What are some good ways to get that punch without artificial flavorings and going with bottle conditioning or will i have to force...
  3. J

    Cranberry Ginger Sour - HELP/ADVICE :)

    Hey everyone! I just joined up and look forward to getting a bunch of new knowledge from everyone. I've brewed before but am getting back into the game with a friend. We just did a couple of brewer's best kits and are now going off kit, for the most part. I'm going to be doing a 2.5 gallon...
  4. 7 Gal Home Brewing

    Kettlesour with sour fruits

    i would like to make a 5 gal, 6-7% abv sour ale (mainly 2 row barley and wheat, flaked oats, a little acidulated and carapils) with kettlesouring and put the following fruits after primer fermentation: - sour cherry 3kg/6.6 lbs - gooseberry 2kg/4.4 lbs - redcurrants 1kg/2.2 lbs these are quite...
  5. wildmancurry

    Sour blending

    I have found one answer to my question but I wanted to follow up but the contributor that posted it has been banned (possibly for making bad beer). I am going to make a Flanders red. After I barrel it, I want to blend it back with fresher beer. My thought was to kill the sour blend...
  6. N0mad

    Sour Orange Creamsicle ☺

    Not mine but I thought it would make an interesting discussion... way out of my league for sure... I would really like to taste it though... Linky >> Sour Orange Creamsicle