recipe builder

  1. L

    Help Understanding "Quick Water Requirements"

    Hello fellow brewers, I am a fairly new to the Brewersfriend recipe builder, so any guidance is appreciated here for sure. I have noticed after setting mash thickness in the recipe builder, the calculation is changing quite a bit within the "Quick Water Requirements" section of the recipe...
  2. CoFlyGuy

    Needing some recipe assistance please.

    I had a buddy give me a small batch recipe that he wrote down for me. I seem to be having some calculation issues on my end or maybe he was off. Not really sure. Anyway, when entering my Hops, he calls for a CZT (11.4). I can't seem to find anything like that listed in the Hops list. I did find...
  3. Mallonee's Malt

    Recipe Builder Mash Type selections: What do they do?

    I'm trying to adapt my new Christmas toy - a BeerMKR into the recipe builder. It's an interesting and clever device but it combines some brewing steps and puts process breakpoints in different places. As nearly as I can model it the mashing step is basically the same as BIAB. It brings water...