ph calculator

  1. ALD

    Ph Readings All Over the Place

    Hi. Apologies for the long post before hand. I wanted to share as much data that may help narrow down the issue. I will begin by stating that other than not hitting the FG in most of these beers by about 5 points (which could be caused by a number of variables), the beers have all tasted good...
  2. Under Deck Brewing

    Mash ph is consistently off: Is it me, or the calculator?

    I have: A calibrated pH meter (reads accurate vs their calibration solutions) Recent water report from Ward Labs Since I've gotten my pH meter and been tracking this, I'm finding that if I add the salts/acids that BF recommends, the final pH is never even close to what the calculator says...
  3. B

    quick chemistry calc question

    hey there! when specifying the grist properties on the mash chemistry calculator (, should I add my LME as a base malt? more specifically, I'm planning to add 3 pounds of an 8 lovibond malt extract to my brew after the...
  4. M

    Is the recipe calculator ph determination out of wack?

    For a long time the predicted ph the recipe builder ph was pretty darn close to what I actually measures. Now it seems it calculates the ph much lower than previously. What gives?
  5. Brewer #67600

    water adjustments and pH Calculations

    Hi all, A bit of a technical question. Does anyone know how the water adjustments and pH calculator works on the site? 1. Is the calculator based on final fermenter volume for salt additions as there is no mention of “final” only “total” water to be adjusted. 2. How does the calculator take...
  6. Luccio

    Recipe Editor vs Water Calculator pH

    Hi, I'd like to understand why in the recipe editor I have a pH=5.21 whereas in the calculator I have a pH=5.52. Is it normal they are different ? I thought that they would be identical. Any idea or explanation please ? Here, the recipe ...