mash ph

  1. ALD

    Ph Readings All Over the Place

    Hi. Apologies for the long post before hand. I wanted to share as much data that may help narrow down the issue. I will begin by stating that other than not hitting the FG in most of these beers by about 5 points (which could be caused by a number of variables), the beers have all tasted good...
  2. Silver_Is_Money

    The "Back of the Napkin" math behind mash pH adjustments

    The general back of the napkin formula is: Delta_pH = mEq's/(BC x Kg) Where: BC = buffering capacity, in units of mEq/Kg_pH Kg = Kilograms of grist being mashed Delta_pH = pH_Initial - pH_Target mEq's = the number of milliequivalents of acid or base required to move the pH to the target. Some...
  3. GF Brews

    Mash pH adjustment calculator

    Hi. Don't think this feature exists yet on Brewer'sFriend, but one I use regularly on brew day. Input variables would be measured pH, target mash pH, amount of grain, volume of mash and sparge water, type of acid used for adjustment (e.g. lactic or phosphoric) and its concentration.Output would...
  4. Michael_biab

    pH Meters - use them or not?

    Hi All, I've been all-grain (BIAB) brewing for a couple of years now and have been pretty happy with the results in terms of taste. I use Brewer's Friend to calculate my mash pH before brewing. However, I have always had mash pH come out significantly lower than the expected pH from the...
  5. T

    how to get the mash ph to fill in on the recipe editor.

    Hello, I am making a recipe and have filled in the water chemistry, but the mash ph wont fill in on the recipe. It just says "n/a". Does anyone know how to get the calculated ph to show thanks
  6. B

    quick chemistry calc question

    hey there! when specifying the grist properties on the mash chemistry calculator (, should I add my LME as a base malt? more specifically, I'm planning to add 3 pounds of an 8 lovibond malt extract to my brew after the...
  7. Michael_biab

    Experience with Mash Stabilizer 5.2? Or reducing pH with lactic acid?

    I'm an experienced brewer who now has done about a dozen or so all-grain Brew In A Bag (BIAB) batches with decent results using a known local municipal water source (Columbus, Ohio). To improve things further, I've recently started tracking my target mash pH using Brewer's Friend. I see that I...