1. 56 Firedome

    Noob Cider Question

    I'll be making my 1st Cider this week end & have question regarding the definition of a term used in the recipe. So, what does ""Degas" mean? As in "Degas the must before adding the Yeast Nutrients". It seems to be stirring. If so, that pretty much means to Ferment in a Bucket rather than a...
  2. R

    To prime or not to prime?

    So this may be a dumb question, but I'm new to all this so please do bear with me. I am brewing an apple cider from freshly pressed apples. Added the juice, yeast and sugar, and left it for 10 days, I then back sweetened with fresh apple juice, left it for two more days and tasted, and it was...
  3. Frank the budding brewer

    Cider not carbonating!

    Hello! I need some advice on what is going on with my cider. I bottled my 14 litres (Around 3 gallons) of cider made from apple and mango juice. I primed it with 3.5oz of corn sugar and it has been sitting for a good 3 weeks bottle conditioning at 20c and still zero carbonation. I used...
  4. robdog

    does anyone want to go in on White Labs Funky Cider Yeast?

    WLP616 Funky Cider Yeast Blend is 99 orders away from shipping - does anyone want to go in on this? - Here is the link to White Labs Yeast Vault to order