1. Box of Rocks

    Dried Montmorency Cherries anyone?

    Final stages of planning out Uncle Gene's Chocolate Cherry Smoked Porter: <iframe width="100%" height="500px" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> Four questions for discussion: How much smoked cherry wood malt? How much lactose? How...
  2. B

    Adding chocolate to a porter

    I just cracked the first bottle of what I was hoping would be a very chocolatey beer. It's good. Probably needs to condition a bit longer in the bottle but I'm disappointed in the amount of chocolate flavors I'm getting. I'm wondering what adding some dark chocolate might do? When would I do...
  3. M

    Use of chocolate for flavouring

    I'm planning on making a stout with chocolate flavouring for the first time. I'm wondering what techniques have been used - should I add at the end of the boil before cooling and primary fermentation, or a later stage such as before conditioning? If a later stage, how have people got the...