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    Join Date: 03/12/19
    Location: Littleton CO
    My Brewing:

    I am a new brewer and currently only making 1 gallon extract batches. It is quickly becoming an obsession!

    My Beers:

    First Beer: Centennial SMaSH IPA.
    Second: Innkeeper English Ale.

    Brew Breakdown By Phase:
    • Planning: 3
    • Brewing: 0
    • Primary Fermentation: 0
    • Secondary Fermentation: 0
    • Conditioning: 0
    • Ready To Drink: 0
    • All Gone: 0
    Shared Recipes:
      Title Style Size ABV IBU Color Views Brewed
    brewer logo APA American Pale Ale 1 gal 5% 33.5
    16 0