Wyeast 3787 and incremental sugar additions

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    I've read that when brewing big Belgian beers with Wyeast 3787, it is beneficial to add sugars incrementally after the bulk of fermentation of malt sugars are done. However, I've not read how this is done. Do you just add the raw sugar or do you make a concentrated solution to disinfect so you're not introducing any additional yeast, bacteria, etc? How do you manage volume with either method? Also, do you want to keep your blowoff tube in place -- that is, will the addition of sugar cause more active fermentation or will an airlock be sufficient?

    Finally, is incremental addition of sugars done to ensure that the yeast (apparently all Belgian yeasts?) doesn't selectively ferment the simple sugars and leave the malt sugars unfermented? Are there any other reasons for this method?

    I'm slowly gaining some knowledge of brewing Belgians, but it seems there's a never-ending list of issues to consider. Thanks for any and all help.

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