Wonky IBU results in recipe editor

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Feb 25, 2019
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Eugene, Oregon
I am working up a recipe right now, and when putting in hops, getting EXTREMELY low, unrealistic IBU’s.
My device is an older iPad, updated to the latest as of this morning, and working in Safari. Here is a screenshot
Oops, I posted this in calculator support instead of recipe editor - I am sorry.
Can we move this to the Recipe Editor thread, please.
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@Trialben and @jschein my equipment profile has my home elevation set at 550 feet above sea level, which equates automatically to 98% utilization. I just noticed when I opened the recipe, it had my hops utilization set to 1% on the public recipe view. I edited the recipe as you suggested, but the IBU’s remained below 1. Something is messed up in the recipe builder right now.
With 1 oz I get 25 IBU with 6 grams I get 5.31IBU
Your utilization should be close to 30%. It was probably entered as "30" which ended up being 0.30% instead of 30%.

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My Equipment Profile is set to my home elevation, which then automatically sets my hop utilization at 98% in the Recipe Builder. Something changed in the Recipe Builder. I checked my Equipment Profile, it still has the same elevation and resultant 98% utilization.
Why should it be 30%? Help me out here, please.
After some fiddling, I think my issue is resolved. For years, I have used set it and forget it on the Recipe Builder, relying on it to pull in settings from my Equipment Profile. Today, something went wrong, such that the Utilization Multiplier was not pulling in the 98% multiplier based on my home elevation of 550 feet above sea level. With that multiplier set in the specific recipe, the hops utilization fell below that maximum value suggested by @dmtaylor and my IBU’s appeared as “normal” numbers.
My thanks to those who chimed in.