WLP518 Kveik question


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Oct 14, 2016
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I don't typically do a starter on my yeasts. I have experience doing them, just not my norm.
That being said, I'm using WLP518 Kveik for the first time, my OG should be in the 1.065ish range. The yeast packet suggests I do a starter over 1.048
Should my starter be kept at higher temp due to the Kveik yeast? Should I be going 80* plus with my starter?
I wouldn't worry about it personally. With Kveik I'd be shocked if a starter was even necessary. Lars (the kveik guy) has indicated multiple times that commercial kveik pouches are massive overpitches anyway.
Thanks, I had a gut feeling it wouldn't matter temp-wise. I think I'm going to go ahead and throw this one in with no starter, as you say, probably not needed anyway.
Kveik breaks a lot of the "rules" so I think you're fine.
Yeah I don’t think a starter is needed with Kveik. You pitch less anyway so you’ll have plenty of cells. Kveik loves high gravity as well
My first experience with Kveik was not a good one. I misunderstood what I was seeing and how to use it. Inside the package was a beery liquid with some chunky particles. From reading I understood that I only needed a tablespoon or so to make 5 gallons. But the heavier chunky stuff was dropping to the bottom of the pouch and what I scooped out was mostly beery liquid with very few yeast cells. In the end I added the whole pouch to get it going. In hindsight I could have should have done either ... a) brew with the whole pouch and harvest from the trub, or b) overbuild a starter and pitch half save half. Just my experience. YMMV.
Can confirm, those are the way to to go. Either works.