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    OK, so I have been looking to do an all grain wheat beer for the wife. I want to try several different flavorings in the secondary and make a 12 pack of each or so. My plans are to brew the 5 gallon batch and ferment for primary on my 6 gallon glass carboy. After 2 weeks or so, I will rack as follows and add extract flavors:

    1 Gallon Fermentor - Blueberry Extract (1/2 oz)
    1 Gallon Fermentor - Raspberry Extract (1/2 oz)
    1 Gallon Fermentor - Mango Extract (1/2 oz)
    5 Gallon Carboy (remaining 2 gallons) - Would like to do a Blue Moon clone. I have Bitter orange peel and coriander. Since I cannot add to the boil, any thoughts on how to get this flavor into the 2 gallons? Should I add the spices to vodka for a period of time, boil spices in water or just put in secondary?

    Looking for thoughts as well as recommendations on space quantity. These variations will be bottled with carbonation tabs as my kegs have other plans.

    Thank you!

    cà phê linh chi
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    A caution on extracts: They'll make your beer taste like soda pop. Not a problem if that'll make SWAMBO (She Who Must Always Be Obeyed) happy and have her encourage your brewing! As to the Blue Moon clone, I'd make a spice tea of the orange peel, coriander and chamomile, then add it to taste to the beer. When I'm making a Wit, what I generally do is predict my spices, halve them and add them to the boil. Then use taste tests at bottling time to determine how much more (generally none - I find less is better when using spices in beer) to add. If you have a French press, that's a great tool for making spice teas. Charge it with boiling water, add your spices, steep for the required time, then press and voile! Clarified spice extract.

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