What are your essential 2012 hops?

Altbier bitte

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Aug 18, 2012
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I have mine ordered, so I guess I can say without fear of starting a run. I had to have Citra and Amarillo. I've also got Centennial and Simcoe on the way. The first two were must haves, otherwise there are several more or less interchangeable citrusy hops I can rotate in; chinook, cascade, etc. Some of the easier to get hops are on my list (glacier, for example), but I'm pretty sure those will be around. Has anyone else ordered any 2012 hops yet?
Mine are the organic Crystal hops I picked up fresh from the field in Palisade, CO. The farmer has three varieties: Two are contracted to A. C. Coors for their "Colorado Native" ale but the Crystal is for sale. I've brewed a couple beers with it so far and like the results; unfortunately, I don't know the alpha acid content so I can only use them for flavoring. Oh, well, a great Hallertauer clone, fresh-packed by me. I'll put up with the inconvenience....
Amarillo and Simcoe

Never had any trouble getting other varieties.