What a bad day

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    I had a day, started out I was cleaning everything, bleached all my equipment, then boiled it for 30 minutes, had all my buckets sparkling white, hoses as clean as I’ve ever seen them then it started ... forgot to rinse all of the chemicals off my grain bag which foamed in the mash then for the third time forgot to turn off the element at a crucial time and burnt my mash/sparge water, ran the element dry I guess at some point, then forgot to wash or wear gloves and broke out in a rash from the bleach, was picking up trash and grabbed a plastic pouch I thought was trash but really was a bunch of sewing pins and drove then right into my thumb, was agitated and grabbed a beer glass only to break my favorite coffee cup, went to make a pizza, dog got under my feet and burnt my arm ... now half buzzed off downing too many beers I'm gathering my thoughts an think .... What a bad day!!

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