Web editor vs. iOS app: qt/lb instead of l/kg

Apr 29, 2013
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Not sure if this was previously reported, but I couldn't find any record of it being done so in my search prior to posting. I noticed some discrepancies between the web editor and the iOS app last night when building a new recipe. To set the stage, I have my units set to metric and in my equipment profile, under all grain brewing, I have have a default mash thickness of 2.6l/kg, and the mash water unit set to liters. As such, I am expecting to see l/kg for mash thickness when editing recipes both in the web editor, and the iOS app. However, what I discovered last night is that in the web editor, the units are shown as qt/lb, but it was still pulling the l/kg value from my profile (i.e. 2.6). I went and looked at the recipe in the iOS app, and the mash thickness in the recipe editor was correctly shown as l/kg, so a discrepancy between the two versions. Not a huge deal once you figure it out, but would be good to show the actual units being used.


Our Legacy app is so hopelessly outdated that we haven't supported it at all for several years unfortunately. The new apps will be released as soon as we can get them approved and out. The all new updated app is so much better, and it's worth waiting for!

Thanks for the response. The issue is actuality with the web editor. I am using the latest iOS app (not legacy) and the issue is not present in it, so mentioned it for comparison. If you could look at and fix the issue in the web editor, that would be great.