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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by ^Tony^, Jun 18, 2020.

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    Good day! First, I'd like to say the recipe editor is mostly self explanatory and pretty well made. BUT, I still struggle with the water profiles and linking and adjusting the brew salts, etc. Is there any way to merge the water chem calculator to the main recipe builder page without the link? When you make an adjustment to the salts it automatically re-calculates the water profile (which is already listed below) all on the same page? Updated each time you save? To be more clear, right now you seem to update the recipe builder from the water profile but it may be better to update the water profile from the recipe builder if that makes sense. IT is already have created on the water profile page anyway.

    I don't think all of the other stuff on the water cal page is necessary, except where you add the grist and the pH is calculated from the combination of the salts and grist. The grist is already on the builder page and could be directly linked to the brew salts and target ion level without having to go to an entirely different page and screw around with links and such.

    If/when someone starts using this section they have likely done all of the research already and so all the extra info is just noise. I'd guess that most people have one or two different water profiles they stick with and adjust from there anyway.

    While I am dreaming about the recipe builder page, is it possible to be able to select your water profile (tap, RO, etc), put in your target profile and have the builder automatically give the salt additions to meet your goal?

    I have always, from day one, thought that the water chem stuff was way more complicated and cumbersome than it needs to be. In the end I don't think it needs to be more complicated than how you calculate and update the IBU or the SRM or ABV at the top.

    Please consider changing the water chem interface.
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    Hi tony, thanks for the request/report. Always appreciate getting everyones feedback!

    In all honesty I haven't spent more than an hour in the water calculator, and have been deferring to @Yooper's experience and expertise for this topic.

    I do know however that there is a ticket and that there has been a discussion regarding automatically doing the salt / acid additions and that it hasn't been decided one way or the other if it will happen, or what it would look like or how it would work. But we're always open to ideas if we can come up with a plan.

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