Updates for March 13, 2019!

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    Big update and new features added to Brewer's Friend!

    We added things like:
    Recipe Builder tooltips on question marks.
    Recipe Builder tooltip descriptions for hops and yeast dropdowns.
    EBC to Lovibond conversion in inventory and shopping.
    WK to Lintner conversion in inventory and shopping.
    PPG conversion from extract percent in inventory and shopping.
    General Setting for Diastatic Power equation. WK or Lintner (default).
    Recipe option for Diastatic Power equation. WK or Lintner (default).
    Fermentation chart annotation cards.
    pH addition for fermentation device readings.
    General Setting to hide fermentation chart tooltip.
    Brew log entry packaging options, corny keg, ferkin, 1/6, 1/4 and 1/2 barrel kegs.
    General Settings for date format, more formats added.
    Recipe Builder save bar that now follows you down the page.

    And MORE!

    View our entire changelog:
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