Update coming this week to the iPhone app!

Discussion in 'Brewer's Friend Mobile App' started by Yooper, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Hi all! I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the criticism and feedback you've given us on the iPhone app's failings and good points.

    This week, we are launching an update to address many of the issues you brought to us. We are currently testing ourselves with our iPhones, and should roll it out later this week.

    We've done things liked fix the wonky 2015 BJCP guidelines, and some of the bugs that we all experienced. We still have a list of smaller problems since the app last had an overhaul a couple years ago, so we are still working on a few things as well. We are going to be working through them all, and updating the app more frequently. All of the concerns are being addressed, but we wanted to get the update out to you before all of the smaller ones are ready.

    We really appreciate all of your help in making Brewer's Friend the best brewing software out there, so as soon as this app is launched I will post here on the forum for you.
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