testing for acidity of home "crystal" malts

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    Hey all,
    I malted several times and would like to use some of my own crystal rye malt, how would you check the acidity of malts? I'm considering several options.

    1 Just mash a small amount with a standard type recipe say 93% base malt and 7% rye crystal take a sample and see where the ph goes given a known water profile.

    2 Make a congress mash with all crystal malt and see where ph reads. How to use this info in future bathces?

    3 Congress mash a specific ratio and titrate to 8.2 with .2N NaOH solution. How would I do this and would it be worth while? I also make wine and have a ph meter and food grade lye for soaping.

    I've malted rye into pale malt, munich, crystals 40, 60,& 90. All very easy but I seem to have trouble discerning wheat malting regarding when to stop sprouting and start stewing. I waited until the acrospire was 2/3 to 3/4 length of the grain and then stewed but got slightly sweetish starchy water and when kilning the subsequent grain at 170* for 2 hrs (lowest my digital oven will go) and still ended up with steely wheat not really malt. The rye is awesome!


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