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    Still not seeing Est boil size, target ferm/kettle, and eff being tied together. They are all dependent on one another and being able to independently edit them is what the software should bring to the table.


    1) Est boil size should be "est" and generated automatically based on profile, boil off rate, and "batch size". The est boil size should be the kettle losses + (boil off rate * boil duration). This is how you determine the total mash + sparge water to end up with enough wort to boil down to an appropriate size. There should be no guesswork or manual calcs here.
    2) Users could be able to switch from "est boil size" to manually entering the boils size if you want... but then the batch size should grey out and become a function of boil size minus kettle losses minus boil off rate*duration.
    3) The toggle for target can be flipped form ferm to kettle but changes nothing. If this shows kettle then the kettle losses should be ignored in the pre-boil and batch calcs since we're talking total ending kettle volume. In "ferm" mode we need to account for kettle losses
    4) You should have either a box in the equipment or on the recipe page for mash eff. This would allow users to adjust for their methods... eg, a batch sparger willing to take a few % hit for speed vs fly sparger who spends 45mins grabbing every last bit while acidifying his water, etc. I typically have 85-90% mash eff, but giving a recipe to someone who gets 75-80 mean they probably should adjust the grain % a little bit to account for their equipment profile. This opens the door for looking at the "finished" recipe and scaling the grains automatically for an equipment conversion. Anything I do can be replicated by software.. such as adding more 2row to up the SG so my ending SG matches the intended recipe target.
    5) The eff should be two items.. one for mash eff and one for total brewhouse. A lot of people get these confused, and you have a great chart. However, your number doesn't really mean "brewhouse eff" because my kettle losses can be "5 gallons" on a 5 gallon batch but i still show a good number here. My suggestion is to have "brewhouse eff" be generated based off the actual brewhouse eff (mash eff, losses, boil rate, etc... potential beer vs how much you got out of the fermenter). It may make sense to have a toggle here as to if we're talking brewhouse eff into the fermenter or total eff which would include ferm and packaging losses.

    #4 and #5 are important... when generating a recipe I want the software to help me determine how much water i need in the HLT and in turn how much salts/aditions for that water volume. I want that final packaged volume to be exactly 5g or 10g into kegs. Having to figure out pre-boil volume manually leads to me away from brewersfriend into other software to get my calcs.

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