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    So I made a farmhouse saison and the gravity came out a little bigger than my anticipated 1.094. I made a starter of 1L 24 hours in advance. My last batch of saison, same recipe except I used maris otter rather than 2row and I upped the yam content, I didnt even make a starter - I pitched straight from the liquid vial. Its ABV was over 8% so I didnt think a 1L starter would have any issues coming out slightly higher. Anyway, I pitched White Labs - Belgian Style Saison Blend WLP568 and it was pitched at roughly 65F. I put it in my chamber and it began to ferment by next morning. I did observe that the internal temp of my fermenter climbed to 82F so I killed the warmer to the chamber to bring back down to ambient - ~71F. There is no more activity in the airlock. I dont know if I shocked the yeast with huge temp swings or just wasnt enough. OG was 1.100. Suggestions?

    11 lb United Kingdom - Maris Otter Pale
    4.75 lb American - White Wheat
    0.75 lb Flaked Wheat
    1 lb German - Melanoidin
    1 lb Lactose (Milk Sugar)
    8 lb Ube Purple Yam
    2oz Pacific Jade
    White Labs - Belgian Style Saison Blend WLP568

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    Aren't we discussing this on another thread? If so, I'll kill this one in favor of the other.

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