Steeping Grains Not Displayed in Recipe Editor after import

Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by formula155, Jul 27, 2016.

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    I imported a recipe as a BeerXML file. When I view the recipe I can see the fermentables and the steeping grains displayed properly. When I go into edit mode, the fermentables are displayed correctly, but the steeping grains are not - instead they are shown as the "blank" entry with a couple of dashes at the beginning. If I quit the edit and go back to view the recipe the steeping grains are there. If go into edit and change the steeping grains to a different value, and then change it back to the correct value, then the editor shows the correct value, and I can exit and enter the editor again and the values will be shown correctly.

    Seems like there must be something going on with the import.

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