starter bad?


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Jul 23, 2013
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So I've been building up 2 starters from the yeast cake of my last, successful batch. The past week I have had to work, the starters have been in the fridge. I smelled them and they smell like great beer. Nothing looks wrong with them, in the bottom stratified layer there's some green from the hop sediment, but it looks and smells, okay.

Do I risk using these in my next batch... That, is the question. Any starter contamination warning signs that I might have missed in my smell/visual test? What would you do?
I am trying to get a better shot, can you interpret this Larry, hazard a guess, questions?

& thanks! EDIT there is a cat hair that got sucked on to the outside of the flask. I didn't see it taking the picture. But it wasn't inside.


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In transporting it around I've disturbed the bottom now, you can see the stirrer in there. Natural light might be better, anyhow this is the other.


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If they smell okay, then you are good. The green stuff looks like leftovers from the krausen.
could be hop/ krausen , already fermented fully looks like
Quality Home Brew said:
could be hop/ krausen , already fermented fully looks like

Yeah I'll have to step them again. Maybe do 2 batches concurrently though I'm pretty miffed at my plastic pail right now, don't trust it. Might take the bleach to it. I guess those things just stop being cleanable after awhile.
sorry to get back so late but yes bleach over night, or even a week fixes a yellowed plastic bucket just fine,
Don't try this at home but I boiled my bleach water, then filled the bucket put a lid on it and left it for a week
Good as new!