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    I'm sure someone has brewed with spruce tips. Just tried dark horse obtuse spruce pale ale and loved it....so being inspired I'm looking to make one myself. Planning on a simple pale ale adding spruce. Any advice on how much to use, when to use, and any other advice would be great. I'm an all grain brewer and brew 5 gallon batches
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    I did, back in 2012 after having tried the Spruce ale at Ft. George Brewing in Astoria, OR. I did the same as your'e planning, a typical 5 gallon pale ale recipe, but NO hops, only spruce tips. My wife & I enjoyed it; others were less enthusiastic. My notes say it was "a little harsh initially, but mellowed out in the keg after a couple weeks. Aroma seems a little musty, but flavor is really nice, kind of like a spruce flavored ginger ale. A slice of lime seems to compliment the flavor". Here's the recipe:

    For 5 gallons-
    OG: 1050
    TG: 1014
    10 lbs. German Pilsner malt
    .5 lbs. white wheat malt
    15 oz. fresh-picked & rinsed Spruce tips
    WLP 041 Pacific ale yeast

    60 min. boil:
    At boil: 5 oz. spruce tips & 1/2 tsp. Irish moss
    At 60 min: 5 oz. spruce tips during cooling
    After 7 days, transfer to secondary with 5 oz. spruce tips
    After 7 days, kegged at TG 1014

    IMG_4980.JPG IMG_5043.JPG
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