Slightly Tipsy - Great Homebrew Night!


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Jul 16, 2012
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Hat tip to our local homebrew shop, the Brew Hut in Aurora, CO. Great homebrew night tonight, I got to meet Chessking in person and got to sample a lot of good (and some really bad) homebrews. I do so love the fellowship of brewers, the way we share our secrets, successes and sometimes failures. I dearly love the introversion of the brew day and the extroversion of sharing the results of our craft. I love how we compete and cooperate at the same time. Fellow cerevisophiles, I salute you all. And dang it, I really wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Cheers!

And tomorrow, to paraphrase Mr. Winston Churchill, I shall be sober.
got to sample a lot of good (and some really bad) homebrews.

HA! So, what did you say to the bad brewers??? I shared my 2nd ever brew at my LHBS and everyone seemed impressed. When I got in the car, I had a vision of them spitting it on the floor. :lol:
To the bad brewers: That's an interesting beer. To the good ones, that's a nice beer. If the brewer wants to engage or if it's someone I know, I may say something. One of the things I do professionally is audit processes so I've learned how to tell people what they might not exactly want to know but my experience at Homebrew Night is that people brought their beers to receive feedback and welcome it.
Yeah if you want to get shot down blindly, go into an anonymous online forum.

I'm actually really happy with how the vibe is in the BF forum. Great job being positive guys!
Agreed - there is actually discussion in here without the rancor in other threads. We do share valuable information - I know I get a lot of ideas and tips from all of you guys and hope I'm adding some value to the discussion as well. "Noobs" and veterans alike get respect - makes it worthwhile to come back time and again and read the stuff posted here.
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Best Forum, best website


:cool: Thanks!

Our mission is to help you brew better beer! Just did a deploy!
Its amazing how much beer you can drink in three hours, sipping about an ounce at a time.
It was a great time, with a lot of good beers, and some great conversation with fellow brewers. It was nice to finally meet Nosybear and his lovely Frau. And to also taste his prolific collection of beers. I only wish these were every month. Two months apart seems like a long time.
@Chessking: Amen, brother.