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May 12, 2014
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During my first brew session using the site on my iPad, it became unresponsive. I tried refreshing the page but it simply loaded a blank page. I then tried loading the page on my computer and it also loaded as blank page. I assumed there was an error with the site and finished my brewing. I checked later that day and the next and it was and is still loading as a blank page. Out of curiosity I tried loading the site on my iPhone and everything seems to work normally.

I tried clearing my cookies and wiping the site data but no change. Any ideas why it loaded fine on my phone but blank on my iPad and Mac?

there were some dns issues and updates, they warned us in an earlier post you probably hit it one of those days
It's still an issue. And it loads on my iPhone, which is how I'm posting now but still loads blank on my Mac and iPad. Also all of these devices are on the same local network. I could understand it being an issue during the session but if it were DNS related it would be an issue on all my hardware and should be resolved now.

I resolved the issue. The previous post mentioned the DNS issues and on a whim I flushed my DNS cache... That seemed to do the trick.

Cornbread thanks for posting that you got it resolved and what resolved it.