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Nov 20, 2012
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lets agree on a day to show are real self in our avatar, I like to keep things pretty private most days but I've been friends with most of you for years and don't really know what you look like or you me so lets get together someday ?
i dont want any ladies on here falling in love with me :p lol!

na big headed ego asside sounds like an Idea.
There was another forum I used to follow. I was able to meet several of them. Even had dinner with them and the owner of the sponsoring company. It’s neat to meet people like that. I still have several of those member’s phone numbers. I haven’t been a part of that forum for years. I lost interest in the topic. I still keep up with one of them.

Here’s what I looked like on October 6, 2017.
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I've met about 500 "forum people" in real life over the years, but I'm not very private at all so without looking hard I'm pretty easy to find.
So I'm in for "picture day".
Ya I'm in for picture day
Will we get black plastic combs?
You look exactly like I would expect jeffpn.
Probably not a good idea .. But here's a pic of my son. He never helps me brew, but his friends help drink. He doesn't drink alcohol .. or rarely anyway.
at del.jpg