Show me your gardening Progress

Gone for 2 weeks, I wonder if anything is growing. I'll check tonight.
Thanks, I'll turn them into razor stubble like I do with the rest.
Nice bunch of tomatoes

Looks like that big bush is ripening nicely

Hopeing maybe this weekend or next to get this out of here to make way for my hops.
We had 30° and a hard frost on Sunday night/ Monday morning.
I pulled most of what was left out yesterday.
The Bok Choi and radishes came up while I was gone so hopefully a late crop from them.
The Kale looks amazing and I'm hoping I can keep the swiss chard going for a little while yet.
I did have an entertaining plant....
I have read that if they are first year plantings, they should be left alone so that the plant energy can drain back to the roots. That is why my first year plantings are still hanging.
As for the rest of our garden, I guess I am being overly optimistic and thinking of last Autumn, when I was still wearing shorts and t-shirts in mid-October. We have our tomato vines still hanging fruit and new flowers. Our poblano pepper is hanging fruits and is still flowering. Arugula, carrots and spinach seeds planted recently are all sprouting. A potato plant looks like it is happy, and our butternut squash are ripening. Garlic has been planted, and cover crop (crimson clover) has sprouted in the raised bed that didn’t get that treatment last year.In the next several days, we expect morning temps to be at or below freezing. In any case, today I turned off the irrigation supply and drained all the lines. Winter is coming.
For some reason, I can't get a file to load?
@Herm brews @west1m im leaving mine To “feed” Not a Single cone on my Tettnang plant
First year plant, right Josh? My understanding is that first year hops plants don’t usually produce cones that can be used. My first year Centennial plant produced cones, but those cones had no lupulin. When crushed in the hand, there was very little aroma, and very little of the magic yellow dust that is seen in cones from more mature plants. I have read that these first year plants should be left hanging, as they feed their nutrients back to the rhizome.
For some reason, I can't get a file to load?
Yup some photos arnt welcome these days as per my above post I couldn't load a photo there

Found a work around I'll try this

This is what I get a blank white picture if I click on it it takes me back to the start of the thread!

So I take a screenshot of the photo and

Hey presto here we go lol
Work around workso_O.
The roads are clear but we have about 4" on the grass.
Good thing I got my garlic planted early