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Sep 7, 2016
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Hi all,

For at least a couple of years now I've had issues with the 'Share' feature in recipe editor.

I sometimes like to share my brew session with a friend privately but don't want to share the recipe publicly, and don't want it added to the site-wide recipe search function.

I have a brew session which I'm currently sharing through 'Share recipe by URL'. This works fine. I untick "Add to recipe database and my shared recipes" so it doesn't go public. However... the recipe appears in the site-wide recipe search!

Sometimes, when editing the recipe, if I click 'Share' again, the "Add to recipe database..." box is already ticked, despite the fact I never ticked it to begin with. I untick it and click Save/Close, assuming the recipe won't be shared.

Currently, one of my recipes isn't shared publicly but is visible on the site-wide recipe search by name. I've tried searching for the recipe in a private browser window whilst not logged in and it still shows up.

Has anyone else had trouble with this? Is there anything that can be done to improve the sharing options? Am I doing something daft?



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Hey thanks for the reply. The recipe in question is 'GHBG Raisin Beer (7L)'.

I'm definitely not going crazy... I've just tested it again.

Last night, the beer could be found on the Search. This evening, it couldn't (presumably the cache updated after I un-shared it again last night?).

[Edit: I've also tried this in a private window and a different browser, in case it's showing up in results due to me being already logged in. It shows up in all browsers and private windows, too.]

I've just gone in to edit the recipe, clicked Share, and verified that the "Add to recipe database" was NOT checked. I clicked Close.

I then clicked Share again to see if "Add to recipe database" was still unchecked. Again, it was NOT checked.

I click Save on the recipe and go to search for the beer again. It now appears in the search results!

I go back in to edit the recipe again, click Share, and "Add to recipe database" has mysteriously checked itself again.

@Pricelessbrewing is this something you've seen before? It's definitely happened to me before, going back at least 12 months. I often add details/names to recipes that I don't want shared publicly, so it's a bit of a concern. Any help you can give would be great. Thanks.
Thanks for the tag! Let me see if we can get this resolved, we definitely want to support and respect the privacy settings!