Sam Double Agent IPL clone


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Feb 6, 2013
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I picked up the Spring Thaw sampler pack and really liked this beer, so I wanted to see about cloning. I used the recipe generator to put this together (I do extract brewing with steeping grains) and I think I pretty much nailed it. The ABV, IBU, and SRM are dead on anyway. Had to take some liberties with the hops b/c my LHBS doesn't carry Zeus. ... -4-3-lager
Looks good.

What is the difference between the Canadian and US 2-row?

By the way, about Zeus: Columbus, Tomahawk and Zeus = CTZ hops, which are all pretty much the same. I have read they are all the same, and I have read Columbus is just a hair different. Anyhow, if a recipe calls for one of these, you can safely substitute. I have also seen recipes reference CTZ in the hop list.
To be honest, not sure about the differences in the two 2-row varieties. I assumed that there is perhaps something slightly different between them; realistically, it fit and worked with what I was trying to produce. Could probably use just one or the other, but in looking again, the Sam website said they used a combo of 2-rows and that's why I went that route.

Thanks for the tip on the CTZ, nice to learn something; I had actually wondered about that. I went with Warrior instead, due to the similar uses and the fact that while I am cloning a beer, I also want to have a bit of my own fingerprint on it.