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Aug 19, 2012
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Hello all,
I thought anyone interested in purchasing a professional brewing setup may be want to have a little more information prior to committing.

I purchased a Mega Ruby Street 30 gallon system for the store to use. We're applying for our brewing license now and should have it in a couple of months.

I have been brewing for a number of years. I have brewed on many different systems, tried many methods and am continuing to experiment with different ideas and processes to find what I would consider the very best for the homebrewer.

Last Saturday, I brewed the inaugural batch on my new system. ... iden-wheat
I needed to dial in the system and the reason I chose to brew a wheat beer with a step mash.

The system preformed better than expected and I was able to easily control raising my mash temperature between steps and also raising to mash out temperature. The false bottom in the mash tun allowed me to direct fire (3 temp steps) and recirculate without a stuck sparge. I was also happy with the simplicity of the fly sparge tube. I fly sparged over 1 hour and was able to direct fire my Brew Kettle as I was collecting my crystal clear wort. I was boiling 5 minutes after the end of collection. Very impressive and time saving as well!
The Stainless Steel pump worked perfectly for a RIMS set up and also for pumping my finished wort to fermentors. I'll also use the pump to set up a whirlpool immersion chiller. This will speed up the cooling process.

There are some things I'll add and change, but not much. 2 thing that I noted for change will be the addition of sight glasses to the HLT and the MLT. A simple fix. Also, I want to mount a switch box for the on/off power to the pump. I'll be working directly with Ruby Street and suggest these improvements.

If you're interested, I'll be happy to discuss the system further with you. Give me a call at the store. 440-951-BREW (2739)

I'm also able to get you the best price on their units!

Altbier bitte said:
What kind of yeast did you pitch?
I went to 4 fermentors with 22 gallons. I took 2 and my Brewter-in-law took the other 2.
I re-hydrated a packet of the new BRY-97 for one and a packet of safale 05 for the other. I used a small amout of Olive Oil while rehydrating, for yet another experiment, and my BIL pitched the same but with aeration and no Olive Oil.
Here are the photos from Brew Mentor:


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