Risk of third fermentation?


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Dec 29, 2015
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Anyone ever done a third fermentation? If so then what's the risk? I'm just trying to get as little sediment as possible so the clarity will somewhat be there. It's an IPA so I knew I was going to have a pretty hazy beer but it's VERY hazy after my secondary fermenter a week and a half later.
I'm assuming by that you mean racking a second time? No problems, as long as you're willing to take the risk of oxygen in your beer. See, what's often called "second fermentation" isn't, really. Your beer really isn't fermenting after primary is done, at least not much. What's happening is the yeast are cleaning up after themselves, absorbing and metabolizing some of the flavors, including off flavors, they threw earlier when times were really good. So if you let the yeast finish, then rack the beer off the sediment, you'll get a clearer beer but as mentioned, balance that against the chance of introducing air into the beer.
i've never done a tertiary, but I typically rack to a secondary for my 5 gallon batches, especially if i'm dry-hopping, adding wood, or there was a lot of sludge in the kettle (like chocolate for a porter).
for the smaller test batches, i only do the primary. and truth be told, i usually don't bother with an autosiphon when bottling those batches, i just ask the wife to help me pour it in. i'm still careful not to splash too much, but i don't worry as much.
and when you're pouring the beer into a glass, you can still be careful to leave the lat 1/4 inch or so in case there's any sediment in there
Good deal guys! I appreciate it. I'm just going to leave it be and be careful bottling and leave the last 1/4" before pouring in a glass.