Recipe Print Layout has Changed


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Mar 23, 2018
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There seems to be a problem with View Recipe print layout since the addition of Brew Session addition to the printout - well that's what I think has caused it.

When you go to View a recipe you get a condensed layout which is good - you get a Recent Brew Session shown too.

But when you go to Print the recipe - (I would have expected a similar layout) - you get a layout that has the Avatar
positioned above the Details which now pushes all the rest of the data down the page. Now you get the recipe spilling over into 2 pages of printout when before it was on a more manageable single page. Also the Recent Brew data is not as it is on screen and any attached Graphics (such as labels etc.) no longer appear. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch in the print function.

Resultant print out (for A4 printer - maybe the US Letter size is different?)

What I would have expected is this:

Also a Check Box for adding the Graphics etc might be useful too... Just an idea.
Wow, yeah, that's new....and not so great. :confused:
It's not fixed as far as I can see. Its also pushed way to the left which makes it useless for saving your printed recipes in a 3-ring blinder. I tried all kinds of ways but can't get it to print with a wider margin on the left from a MAC computer using Safari browser. Does anyone have a solution?