Random Photos.

We did away with the penny in Canada a few years ago, we just use the 2/3 or 7/8 rule if paying with cash, round down or up accordingly.
For $1 we have the Loonie because it has a Loon on it

And for $2 we have the Twoonie, because it has a, oh, nevermind...
That would be a fun flight . I flew ultralites for a long time . Don't have one any more. The guy I flew with a lot sold his and bought a real Cesna plane and moved a few states away. Soooo I ended up selling mine as well. Still find myself looking at them on the internet for sale pages though.
Other than 30 seconds, what could the difference possibly be?

Not much. It is just how thin they are rolled and how small they are cut. The thinner and smaller, the faster they cook. For brewing purposes, they are essentially the same.
Just seems redundant to me as far as cooking your breakfast goes...
If you are in a hurry have the 1.5 minute oats, if you really, really in a hurry save time, use the 1.0 minute oats :cool:
Someone needs to invent 53 second oats...
Random photos /video on this one.
Was walking back from the park this morning whith the littlie when we spotted a big arse Eel in the drain next to home.
Can you see it?

Looks like a snake!

How do you cook an eel?
Well, first you get a long, skinny pan... :p