Profile is metric but session is mixed US/metric


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Jan 20, 2013
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My profile has beeb metric as long as I can remember. But on my most recent brew session, I'm getting a mix of US and metric. Weirdly, when I go to water requirements, it's saying although the recipe was in metric, I'm "using" US units. I don't know how this might have happened - any ideas? Have already gone into my general settings, checked they were set to Metric units and they were. Set them to US and then back to metric to see if that would help, but didn't.



I got in contact with the developer about this and he wanted me to tell you:

I've looked into the brew session in question and it looks like it is probably a one-off issue specific to his brew session. The "most recent" brew session on his account was recently updated, but was actually created back in August 2020. Strangely there are no brew steps in the session either which tells me that something may have happened to this particular session which caused these mismatched values, likely he was manually editing things in there.

I've looked through some of his other brew sessions and they all seem to have 'Metric' and reasonable values for all of the steps. Just that one that is messed up for some reason.

I would suggest that he use the Brew Session > Edit > Rebuild Brew to reconstruct the session and its steps.