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Discussion in 'Calculator Support Forum' started by Mark Farrall, Mar 1, 2020.

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    Would it be possible to specify the existing volumes of CO2 in the beer instead of it being calculated via the fermentation temperature? I'm imagining a checkbox that will hide/disable the temp field and replace it with a field to enter the volumes, hopefully in volumes/PIS/Bar.

    I'm doing a few bulk aged or long secondary bers and it seems, especially for the bulk aged, these could have drastically lower starting volumes than the temperature based calculator would predict depending on how they're stored. If they're stored under an airlock that CO2 volumes could be as low as 0.2 - 0.6 volumes due to the CO2 offgassing during storage.

    I was planning to apply 1.5 psi of CO2 via a spunding valve so that I'd have a known starting point and then work out the sugar needed to do the bottle conditioning from there. I can currently work around this by setting the temperature in the calculator to 3.7C so this is a low priority, but I'm unable to use the temperature option to set the very low starting volumes I'd have if I hadn't done a small amount of forced carbonation first.

    And a link that gathers together some of the information I found on the low CO2 volumes for aged/long secondary beers -
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    <3 MTF.

    I'm going to think this one over, I think it should be possible as long as it's not intrusive and doesn't affect the existing features.
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