Predicting pre-boil gravity


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Sep 5, 2016
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Hi there. 25 brew sessions so far.

I just have to be missing this somewhere: I somehow manage to hit my final gravity numbers very closely in my BIAB setup. But I like to measure stuff along the way to see how I'm doing so that if I ever miss my pre-boil numbers, I can adjust if I need to.

Problem is, I do not see a "predicted pre-boil gravity" (or "post mash" which is the same thing in BIAB) anywhere in my brew session. I'm sure I could figure it separately from the boil-off calculator, but can I do that from within the brew session (or recipe builder)?
The iPhone app has a boil gravity, found by hitting the More button in any recipe.
on the website the preboil gravity is in the recipe as an estimate, it is not to be taken as an actual measurement, too many factors can change it but its nice to hit the numbers that just means your dialed in with your settings
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Right there in front of my face, it was!

Thank you.