pre boil 1.052 post boil 1.056


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Apr 22, 2013
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What's the deal only gained 4 pts after boiling off 2 gallons. Any ideas??? calculator say it should be more like 10 pts..
Using a hydrometer and they reading were temperature correct.
It comes down to a measurement error somewhere, either OG, FG, starting volume, or ending volume were not correct. Next brew session make sure to take detailed notes and double check volumes.

The 'points' present in the kettle should be consistent during boil. The dilution calculator numbers should be very close to what you get in reality, unless you added sugar to the kettle during the boil, or topped off with water.
[I realize this is an old post, but my reply may be helpful anyway...]

I had a similar experience with my first 10 batches or so. I would hit my pre-boil gravity, be very pleased, and then miss my OG by a decent amount (too low). I used both a refractometer and a hydrometer on the sample. I measured and confirmed my boil-off rate, plugged numbers into all the online calculators, yet could not explain it.

Turns out the pre-boil wort was not mixed thoroughly enough, and I was actually measuring too high a gravity. My OG was accurate, but my efficiency was not as good as I thought it was on the pre-boil. Now I stir the wort well for a couple of minutes before pulling a gravity sample and commencing the boil. I've also improved efficiency, but that's another story. Bottom line is that my pre-boil gravity measurements are now reliable.