Plastic Carboy Air Lock Issue

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Jan 14, 2017
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When i have a regular S shape air lock on my plastic carboy, i need to be very careful when lifting and moving the carboy. The vacuum created when lifting sucks the water into the carboy and into the beer. Worried about possible infection, now i put vodka in the air lock. Does anyone else have this problem and any other suggestions.
Ive got a black cloth strap thing to put the carboy in. It's got handles and makes it super easy to lift. Never paid attention to the airlock when lifting it, but don't recall hearing any bubbling noises or anything

If I don't use that strap, I'll tilt the carboy so I can put one hand beneath it and grab the neck with the other hand. I think this way creates less squeezing on the sides, which would cause it to blow out and suck in air
S-type airlocks work in both directions. Water should only get in if the airlock is filled too high or if bubbles aren't dissipating. Both of those are fixable.