Peach IPA


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Nov 28, 2012
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I've seen a couple of recipes suggesting a ratio of 3-4 lbs of peaches per 23 L batch is a good concentration of peaches to use. I am using full peaches, not canned purée, do I need to peel them?
I know that the peels of some fruit can affect the flavour and haven't seen anything in the peach recipes referencing the peel - anyone have any comments?

Also, I see lots of references to bringing fruit and grains to ~170'F to kill bacteria but not release pectins or off-flavours from oils....but I always read about having a pot and a thermometer....I use my oven, why don't I hear about that? Seems much easier. Anyone with comments on that?
Anyway, back to peach peels....
Plan: quarter peaches and remove pits, (peel if necessary), freeze to burst internal peach cells. After transferring my IPA to a secondary, putting the frozen peach pieces in a food processor, and then in the oven @170'F for ~1 hour (with a bit water) to kill any bacteria, then adding the peach slurry to the secondary.
Another option is to use campden tablets on the peach puree, but I'm no expert on fruit beers.

For me, US-05 fermented around 70F gives a peachy note, but it would probably be much too weak to notice in an IPA. Other ways to make it fruity would be to use a Belgian yeast, and Horizon or Citra hops. Let us know how the experiment turns out!
Citra hops and US-05 gave me a pretty good peach taste; it reminds me of canned peaches. Adding in the actual peaches would probably be awesome tasting.
:). Slight redirection here, I'm not actually trying to create a peach IPA for the purposes of taste (ie. not looking for other ways to get a peach flavour), I'm trying to "get rid of" a basket of peaches I was given, and my approach to disposal of anything with sugar in it is to find a beer recipe that uses what I'm trying to get rid of...
Peel and cut up the peaches. Put them in a covered dish and heat them in the oven to 170°. Hold that temperature for about an hour. That'll pasteurize the peaches and you can use them in your beer - I generally add fruit in the secondary fermenter. It'll ferment off the sugars and you'll have peach IPA. I'd think Citra would work nicely alongside peaches for an IPA....