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Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by Nosybear, Oct 26, 2019.

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    I spent a bit of time punching in recipes last night and here are some of my observations:

    - Honey as a fermentable is listed as 42 ppg, the same as DME. The actual range according to the honey association is 32 - 36 ppg. I'd use 34 as a happy medium for generic and buckwheat honey but it needs to be adjusted.

    - Normal order of entry is amount, then units. Please adjust the input boxes for fermentables to only recalculate when the units change, in other words, when there is an amount and an ingredient. If there is no ingredient, assume that the user is inputting and don't recalculate the amount. Example: If I input 1, the unit showing as default is quart and the fermentable is blank, do not recalculate when I change the units to gallons. Conversely, if there is a value and an ingredient, recalculate.

    - Most of the values in the recipe appeared to be reasonable. I didn't hand-check but the amounts came out right.

    - I used honey as a "late addition." It didn't appear to contribute to pre-boil gravity or bitterness calculations, proper behavior. In this case, however, I need a "post-boil gravity" calculation - the post-boil gravity is different than my true "OG" for ABV calculation. I'll have to manually subtract the honey's contribution from the OG to determine what my refractometer should tell me about the wort going into the fermentor. About the only scenario missing is if I add sugar to the boil - I'll need a pre-boil gravity that does not take that sugar into account but the post-boil gravity will equal the OG.

    Otherwise, things went well. I'm not terribly worried about efficiency, it doesn't matter to me so none of the complaints strike home. As is, Brewer's Friend covers about all the scenarios I commonly use except decoction and sugar additions and you've said you're working on that. As far as I'm concerned, we're down to tweaks to the recipe calculations. The interface can use some simplification but that's workable, as long as the software works.
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    1. I'll change that ppg to a more likely one. I think 35 ppg is more easonable in my experience. I have no idea who initially put 42, but I agree it seems very high.

    2. Yes- you are right about that. It makes me crazy! I put in a ticket for that, and will keep you posted. Thanks for mentioning it. I thought I was going nuts.

    3. We have "late addition" in the works now. It's more complicated than we first realized with the software. some things affect the preboil gravity, some things affect post boil, some are added in the fermenter, some affect mash or boil pH, some affect hops utilization in the boil, etc. It's in beta, or heading to beta, but there are some things that make it more complicated than just adding it I'm afraid.

    Thanks for your input. Working on those right now.
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