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Dec 26, 2016
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Hi all, I have just completed 2 1 gallon all grain brews both IPA's, my 1st has not bubbled i waited 2 days then a i gave it a shake and pitched(dry Say-05 @ 5grams total 11gms) but 5days later nothing the gravity is 1.121 temp is 79 and taste is like a flat beer, what do I do. I did pitch at 88f on the 1st pitch ( I should have got it cooler). My second batch is all good I did pitch at 67f.
I think that hydrometer reading for an assumed FG is way too high let alone for a starting gravity :). If you ferment in a bucket you may have had an air leak elsewhere and maybe that's why you saw no airlock activity. A warm fermentation can happen quite quick especially for a small batch. Give the lid a press down and or squeeze the sides of Fermentor and it should bubble. Check your gravity again with hydrometer maybe you miss read it and it's more like 1.012 that's a good finish for fermentation. What are you brewing?
Yeah i got it wrong the reading is 1020.
English IPA.
I did the squeeze on the lid it bubbled and this this is the 7th day so i guess just let it sit for 21 days?
The recipe is.
batch 1.25gallons
OG 1.070 (target 1.068)
FG 1.016 ( Today 1.019-020)

Marris otter pale malt -2.20lbs
Munich type 1 - 0.78lb
Carared - 0.18lb
Caramunich 1 - 0.09lb

Columbus ( had only CTZ) x 0.10oz @60'
x 0.15oz @30'
Cascade x 0.15oz @15'
x 0.19oz @10'
Irish moss x 0.25tsp@10'
Yeast Nutrient x 0.13tsp@10'
cascade x 0.19oz @ 5'

saf-05 6grams (calculated)
and addition on day 3 of 5.5grams
Just had a taste its bitter and flat beer taste.
21 days is some time in fermentor mate but I'd leave it a few more and check hydrometer again. Another thing to look for is the trub settling out at the bottom of the Fermentor you'll start to see a distinct separation of yeast and trub from your beer this too is a sign fermentation is complete or Nearly there. If it's been sitting in a fairly cool place maybe move it some where a bit more snug to help fermentation complete a little warmth helps,them yeasties chew up them last few scraps of sugar and to clean up your beer for you too. Good luck ;)
Thanks for that mate.:)
Its settled pretty good there is a solid separation in the fermenter on both brews, so you think maybe just 14 days then rack it to the bottles for a few weeks?:)
Definitely test gravity again and let her sit till your two week mark. But yea me personally I keg but I'd bottle her up once you've let her sit a bit to clean itself up and bottle and let it condition in them for 2 weeks p. throw one or two in the fridge before work Friday and taste test them in the arvo for a nice rewarding Friday knock off's drink:)

If you can chill down your fermentation vessel and add some gelitin (1/2 teaspoon to 1/2 cup 80c water) and let her sit for a day or two before bottling day you'll get cleaner beer off your yeast/trub cake.
Thanks a lot mate, I will follow that advise.
My was sitting at 79 but I wrapped them both up to get a bit more snug so they munch up any sugar scraps left in there.
I must say that the reply's and mateship here is awesome, thank you.:D
G'Day and welcome. Nice recipe you got there. In future try not to pitch yeast at 88f all yeast dies at 89f. Also I find with high og worts expect longer primary fermentation times(I once partial extract on there that took 6 weeks primary fermentation and 4 week secondary best dam beer I ever made) . I find it good practice almost essential with your higher og's is preparing a yeast starter.(dry or wet yeast)