NA SMaSH; Honey Malt and Crystal Hops

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    Been a long time since I've posted.
    Our small beer / homebrew group finally got back together about a month ago; and before the "meeting" ended, we all agreed to do a SMaSH beer to bring to the October meeting.
    I've been wanting to try to do an NA beer.
    And it will be fall.
    And it's fun to try something a little out there for these things, so this is the plan.
    (Just wondering if there's any MAJOR concerns from others who might have tried such things; google a lot and don't really get much).

    The intent is an NA American Brown Ale.

    10lbs Honey Malt (that will put me about 20 SRM) .. (yes, it does have enough diastatic power to convert)
    1 oz Crystal Hops FW
    Danstar Windsor Ale, 68 degrees
    Planning to use Bru'n Water "Brown Full" water profile.
    Mash at 154-156 to keep FG up a bit.
    After ferment, transfer to 8 gallon pot, put in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes to drive out the alcohol
    Then, while still warm, transfer to keg and "dry hop" with 2 ounces of crystal.
    Planning to install something of a blow off tube on the gas side; not sure about hot liquid in the keg (?).
    Let it sit like that a few days, pull the hops and carbonate.

    I've read that when you "cook out" the alcohol, you'll also loose any hop flavor and be left with nothing but bitterness.
    There seems to be mixed messages on whether or not other flavor is driven off. This is one concern I have. If I lose flavor overall, no concern, but if not, maybe honey malt would be way intense.
    Hops going in at 170-180 in the keg after cooking off alcohol should be like a hop stand/whirlpool, so probably puts some hop flavor back in.
    Also concerned about oxidation moving from fermenter to kettle to keg, but in roughly 9 years and 150+ batches, I've violated a lot of "rules" with respect to oxidation and have never really had an issue.

    Thanks in advance for feedback.
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    Sounds pretty undrinkable to use 100% honey malt for anything and I like honey malt
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